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Often, the information that your teen receives from these sources are either blatantly wrong or misinformed.

That's why it's important that you start the conversation with your teen early.

But whose performance was good enough to win the title?

Tune in to find out as our judges Neha Dhupia, Mohan Neelakantan and ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, make the tough decision.

But it’s surprising to know that a lot of women still have much to learn when it comes to making their bras work for them. A black thread will work with most dark-colored fabrics. If you find that your bra is getting too tight for you even when the cup size is just right, use a bra extender to increase its band size. Have yourself professionally fitted for a bra on a regular basis to keep up with your size more accurately.

They come in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. You just need a tiny strip of fabric or ribbon and a set of clasp buttons. Maintain the shape of your bras and keep them from getting flattened or crushed during travel by using a bra traveling case or cup case. If you want to avoid showing too much of your neckline but find camisoles a bit bulky or uncomfortable, purchase one that you can simply clip on your bra to cover the bare neckline. If you have a convertible bra and you want to wear it strapless, you can use the convertible straps to secure the bra in place and keep it from sliding down. After a heavy workout, bring your sports bra with you into the shower so you can hand wash it. These cookies are a standard shape so if you preserve them, you can use them into your new bras after your current one wears out. Wear a front-closure bra if you're wearing any lacey or crocheted clothing that might snag on the hook of a back-closure. Avoid the ledge effect and spillage by going up a cup size. Every woman should have at least one of each of the six major types of bras: the balconette bra, multi-way bra, t-shirt bra, soft cup bra, bralette, and the plunge bra. These eye-shaped pads come in standard foam material which is lighter, as well as in gel format that mimics the weight and feel of real breasts.

Read more » Episode 17 | Watch full episode It's the semi-finale week on Kingfisher Supermodels 3, and our beauties are all set for their next task.

They're going to compete with each other for better shots and poses in lingerie on the bed.

A growing national coalition of organizations has worked to promote family communication about sexuality through helpful publications and vital community programs for the past 25 years.

To learn what may be available in your community, contact Planned Parenthood of America or any of the agencies on the national coalition.

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